1. What is Sudhir Law Review (SLR)?

SLR is an online portal that offers video lectures and notes covering subjects on the law school syllabus.

2. How do I access the lectures and notes?

All you need to do is register using your email address or login through your Gmail or Facebook account. You will need to purchase a subscription plan for unlimited access to all of the lectures on the site. Plans start from .

3. What are the benefits of purchasing a subscription plan?

You will have unlimited access to all of the lectures and notes on the site for the duration of your plan. You will also be able to access lectures and notes on all subjects that are uploaded while you are a subscriber.

4. Can I download the PPT Slides, video lectures and other content on the site?

No. You will be able to stream and/or view all of the lectures and notes online.

5. I still have some questions.

No problem. Contact us by sending an email to and we will respond to your queries as soon as possible.